Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Longview ~ The Angels Are Singing (In Heaven Tonight)

Sweetheart I recall the day I first met you
I wonder if you remember the same
We talked of the love we shared for each other
And longed for the day we'd change your sweet name

Oh, I can still hear your voice in the evening
I see your sweet face, your blue eyes so bright
God took you away and left me so lonely
The Angels are singing in Heaven tonight

As the years passed away we cherished each other
No worries or cares to darken our way
From our little home up in the Clinch Mountains
The Savior came down and called you one day

I'll always be true and love you, my darling
But I know you are happy and healthy up there
When God calls me home I'll meet you in Heaven
Please wait for me darling, I'll meet you up there

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