Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Mornin' Baking

Mais ... I woke up 5 AM early this mornin' with a powerful hunger on me ~ musta been dat skimpy lil' supper I had last night, but I digress; so this being Sunday morning an'all, first thought come to mah haid was buttermilk biscuits, yeh. But then after a groggy scan of the pantry & a couple sips of dat Arbuckles cawfee, a few dem positive neurons fired ... and I figured out I had the makins for some fresh baked bread. Not just ANY bread, no. I'm tawkin' bout pepperoni/asiago bread ~ and if yer thinkin' I'm gonna make a big-@ssed BLT wit sliced homegrown t'maters on dat fresh baked pepperoni/asiago bread, you ain't just a'woofin. Whooooboy ... it's gonna be a good day, ah garrontee.

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