Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pulled Pork 4 Ways

Mais, I had a couple guys doing some work on the house for me yesterday ... and part of the deal I made with them was that I would feed them lunch ~ so I made them these 4 pulled pork sandwiches: all with aged white cheddar 1) mayo & horseradish w/homegrown tomato & homemade dill spear 2) homemade corn chow chow & PoBoy's mustard bbq sauce 3) Gulden's spicy brown mustard & dill spear 4) Smoky Mountain Smokers chipotle bbq sauce. Nobody died.


Mike said...

Wow, now those are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Your food is amazing, Johnny--

I just have one question about this one: the mayo-horseradish one looks like there's something more on it--looks like potato salad--is that the horseradish?