Friday, June 13, 2008

Cheeseburgers In Paradise

I ground some fresh beef chuck ... made boo-dan meatballs with half of it, and today made 8 big fat cheeseburgers with the other half of it. Dusted'em real good wit some dat Dizzy Pig "Raising The Steaks" rub, then grilled'em hot & nasty over hardwood charcoal to 'bout medium ... melted a lil' Tillamook cheddar over'em, some nice cool slices of avacado, crisp bacon, sweet red onions ... and some dat good Zatarains creole mustard. Want fries with that??

The Red Stick Ramblers ~ Belle

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Anonymous said...

Brotherman I sho preciate when you decide for me what I'm havin for supper. It won't be good as yours but will bet the heck outta what a fast food place would sling out. MMMMMM good Edder