Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fat Johnny's Dirty Boo-Dan Meatballs

Mais ... I hauled off this morning & ground some beef chuck, for to make some burgers AND meatballs ... meatballs wit dirty rice in them, and boudin, and the HOLY trinity, Cajun Power, Wooster & ah don't know whut all ~ whooooboy, got'em in the oven as we spoke ... can you smell'em? HUHHH? Prolly oughtta make some cheesy grits & some kinda creole onion gravy ... I see a big ol' sloppy wet meatball/gravy poboy in mah very near future, tru dat!
Boy Howdy ~ these turned out much more better than good, ah garrontee ~ went to just taste one, and woofed down three of'em before I could stop mah badself. LOL Aw well, what'sa hongry man gonna do, eh?

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