Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Chuck Roll Sessions

Just prepped a 23# chuck roll for the smoker tomorrow ~ trimmed about 3# off the ends & ground it ... will make a couple big burgers tonight and use the rest of the ground chuck to make some cajun dirty rice this weekend. Also took all the beef scraps & got them berlin' wit some herbs/veggie scraps ... makin' a beef stock to cook dat rice in, for the aforementioned dirty rice. That leaves a 20# hunka bovine love, cut into 4 thick 5# chuck *roasts* ... tied'em & seasoned'em up with a good bbq rub. Will fire up the smoker @ 6 AM tomorrow ~ BBQ BEEF for supper tomorrow night, ah garrontee!

1 comment:

Joycee said...

Those look better than any chuck roasts I ever buy, can meat be beautiful???