Friday, June 6, 2008

True South Carolina Mustard Sauce

Mais ... a nice fella in South Carolina ~ Mike Adams, him, sent me a couple bottles this sauce he makes, fer samplin' ... and while Mike recommend it on pulled pork & ham, I'm gonna haul off and try it on some smoked chopped beef tonight ... why beef? ... because dat's whut I got on hand, dat's why! In any case, I just opened a bottle & stuck mah finger in it ... whooooboy, dat's some good eatin' right there, I garrontee! Mike, mah frien ... from one po'boy to another ~ you got a mighty fine sauce here ... hope you sell a million damn bottles of it! Tru dat.
Sweet Mary Mother Of Jesus!! This stuff is great ~ I think them Carolina boys might be onto something, with this mustard bbq sauce!

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