Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love Me Some Pie

Woke up this morning with a powerful ahnvee for pie ... peanut butter pie ... with sliced bananas in it. God have mercy on this poor lil' pie ... 'cause it prolly ain't gonna make it through the day!!!
Mais, I got the meat prepped fer the grill t'morra ~ seems a lil' shy to me ... thinkin' mebbe I oughtta run to the groceria & git me a few pork chops to throw on there, too ~ empty grill space be a terrible thang to waste, tru dat. By the by ... dat's some homemade Texas hill-country jalapeno hots sausage rings ... and a South Carolina mustard/lemon vinegrette marinade on dat chicken. Feelin' somewhat *continental* t'day, me. LOL

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