Friday, June 27, 2008

Hot Weather ~ Cool Salads

Hot weather calls for cool shrimp pasta salad. I drove out to The Lodge yesterday to visit my friends Rob & Robin ... and came home with several grocery sacks full of fresh veggies from Lil' Missy's garden ~ it's a beautiful thing.
Bluegrass Album Band ~ Big Black Train
Makin' blackened smoked meatloaf sandwiches for supper tonight, topped with homemade onion rings ~ thought I'd make a few homemade crinkle-cut steak fries, also. Just blanched them in hot oil ~ will fry them a second time, come suppertime, and dust them with a lil' cajun seasoning.

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~Mooney said...

Man, that blackened meatloaf sounds YUM! I am going to make a smoked meatloaf this weekend, and either put a little adovado sauce in it, or baste it while smoking. Thinking maybe some twice baked potatoes and big wheel beans as a side.

Gonna have to try the shrimp Poboy too, as soon as the wife is out during dinner sometime. He hates shrimp for some unknown reason.