Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Old Relic Of Days Gone By

I came across this old wagon one day, when I was out cruising around in the country ~ Jefferson County. Retired to yard art now ... if only it's old weathered & worn buckboards could talk, the stories it would tell, eh? My Grandpa, Walt, farmed with a team of horses ... work horses ... Maude & Dan was their names ~ and I have memories of them pullin' a wagon just like this in our cornfields, while we shucked corn by hand & threw the ears into the wagon. I'll tell ya one thang fer tru, it takes a lot of corn-shuckin' to fill up a wagon like dat!! The corn was then ground up & used to make *slop* to feed the hogs. Days gone by.

Willie Nelson ~ Hands On The Wheel

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