Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fire In The Hole!!!!

Flame kissed fresh ground sirloin steakburgers, wrapped in Burger's Smokehouse peppered country bacon

Steakburgers seasoned with Smoky Mountain Smokers steak seasoning

Country style pork ribs, seasoned with SMS chipotle seasoning

Trunk Monkey Mixed Grill


Anonymous said...

Is that there a big ole slab of Bologna, in that mixed grill pic?

WOW.... looks like u r set till the weekend !

Chez Superfan,

Chez said...

hay frank ~ yeh, that's a 1# chub of all beef boloney. nothing better than a smoked boloney sandwich. after smoking the chub, i like to slice the boloney thick & dust the sliced real good with blackening seasoning, then throw them into a hot skillet the bry them. smoked/blackened boloney ... dat's some good eatin' right there...

Anonymous said...

Man oh Man, you all over that Trunk Monkey grill. Guess I need to put my nose in the air and sniff my way towards you someday.

Barbqr Ken