Monday, May 2, 2011

Mama SanRo's Pizza

Sweet onions & green peppers

Tomatoes & asiago cheese

Browned homemade Italian sausage

Fresh ground homemade Italian sausage - spicy

Let's Eat!! The unique thing about this pizza is the dough ... it's a liquid dough batter, and it's partially baked (with the meat, in this case the Italian sausage, baked right into the dough) then the rest of the toppings and cheeses are added and finished baking. This recipe comes from my old friend Sanro, whose mama used to make this pizza for her family. After 35 years of bugging him for this recipe, ol' Sanro finally gave it up. Thanks buddy.

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Steve2 in LA said...

And you're not sharing that recipe with your followers? Dude!