Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's Talk Dining Chairs

Specifically, oak dining chairs. I've got a lot of oak in my house ~ oak tables, oak chairs, oak buffet, oak dresser, oak cabinets, etc. I like oak wood. In fact, I like to use oak wood to smoke my bbq ... but that's another story for another time. I digress ... I'm needing to buy a couple side chairs for my dining room / rec room, mainly needed for when I have company for dinner or for when I have several my musician buddies over for a lil' jam session and need *pickin' chairs*. So naturally my first place to look for chairs was at my friends at Cymax ... and as usual they have just what I was looking for at their website.

I have simple, traditional tastes ... so I like the two styles pictured above. The top chair matches the chairs I already have for my oak dining table, and the bottom chair seems like it would be a good choice for a couple side chairs or pickin' chairs. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Both the chairs that I like, and many, many other great selections of oak chairs can be found on the Cymax Dining Chairs website. As always, great prices ... many on sale, and free shipping, makes Cymax stores a great place to shop.

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