Friday, July 1, 2011

Pigmeat Pistolettes

Hot out the oven, bbq pork pistolettes

BBQ pork and succotash filling

I made the dough for these stuffed pistolettes using some leftover jalapeno/cheese grits - it worked great.


Anonymous said...

did you fold the cheese grits into your dough while still hot (and loose)or were they cooled and just crumbled into the dough... interesting twist.. they look great as usual.. Have a great holiday weekend!


PS.. did carne adovado (beef)this week.. cause after seeing ours I had to satisfy the need!

Chez said...

the cheese/jalapeno grits were leftover/cold. i just crumbled them into the flour in my KZ mixing bowl, dough hook on & mixed them into the flour real well ... then i added my liquid, yeast, etc & proceeded to make my dough.