Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beef Pot Pie ~ My Way

Savory beef pot pie, with scratch catheads baked on top

With a side of real mashed potatoes ... yum

Beef pot pie, prior to topping with homemade biscuits and baking


Quiltin' Sandy said...

G'day, Johnny. That pot pie looks good. I make something like that and sometimes put dumplings in to cook, or top with a pastry crust or mashed potato.
Looked at your next meal, don't think we could handle those jalopenos though. Your food always looks so delicious. I am so pleased I am not your next door neighbour coz I would be wanting to dine at your place all the time-LOL.

Chez said...

hi sandy ~ i'm always taking food to my neighbors ... makes for a happy neighborhood, yeh.