Thursday, July 26, 2012

BLT Panzanella Salad

 One of my favorite brands of bacon
 The star players:  homegrown tomatoes, toasted garlic/asiago focaccia and the bacon
 Also added some thin sliced Vidalia onions
Bowl lined with lettuce leaf and a handful of crisp shredded lettuce in bottom ... then in another bowl the tomatoes, onions, bacon and cubes of toasted focaccia are seasoned and tossed with a lil' Newman's dressing and some more shredded asiago, then served up atop the shredded lettuce ~ excess dressing/tomato juice poured over all so those bread cubes soak it all up.  Killer salad.


Joy Tilton said...

An Italian BLT! Where do you shop up there? You always seem to have the most delicious brands. They just opened a Fresh Market here and I am loving the huge selection of everything. Walmart or IGA's here, so I'm guessing by the full store at Fresh Market... that's an indication they will do a good business. You know what I bought today? With all the goodies... gourmet breads, cheeses, thick red steaks... I bought bean sprouts to make Pad Thai! They were demo-ing a rub on chicken breasts outside and either the rub or their hickory charcoal made the meat super strong. I didn't think that was possible for me!

Chez said...

I usually shop at Dillons or a lil' locally-owned market called Apple-Market. The Fanestil bacon is excellent, as are all their other breakfast meats. The Fanestil plant is in Emporia, Kansas (where I began my chef career) and I bought their products at all the restaurants i worked at for many years. Great company.