Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ain't Nothing In The World That I Like Better

Yeah, big fat ripe homegrown beefsteak tomatoes ... dat's what I'm tawkin' about!! I'm going to my BLT happy place now ~ game on!


Joycee said...

Funny, your BLT Happyplace!

Ron said...

Having been raised by a Southern born mother, I too grew up, as did my brother, enjoying the wonderful delicacy of a tomato sandwich.

When we planted the tomato plants in the spring, it was always done with the eager anticipation of the first harvest to come in the late spring and early summer.

As you know, there is nothing that quite compares to the taste of a homegrown tomato slapped between two pieces of bread, with mayonnaise and some salt and pepper.

Indeed, it is one of the true delicacy of life that we get to enjoy each year at this time!