Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pork Chops Au Poivre Ala Wooster

Boneless pork chops, seasoned with simply kosher salt and cracked black pepper ... pan seared & oven finished ~ topped with pan sauce made by deglazing pan with a couple TBSP of Worchestershire sauce and a knob of butter. Simply fantastic. Sided up with some homemade potato salad and a saute'd medley of fresh veggies.

Fresh green beans blanched and shocked, then saute'd in a lil' EVOO with fresh garden zucchini & yellow squash. bermuda onion, green pepper and fresh garlic slivers ~ seasoned with cracked black, thyme and oregano, finished with a knob of butter & a spritz of fresh lemon juice and kosher salt at the table. I woulda eaten more veggies as a kid, if mama had fixed'em like this, ah garrontee.

Medley of fresh veggies ~ mice in place fer the hot saute' pan.


Joycee said...

Those chops look delicious, oh it all looks good! Funny...mice in place for the hot pan! I saute to finish and end up with dry pork chops...about how long to finish in the oven Chef John?

Chez said...

lol ~ mise en place = french culinary term meaning "everything in place". saute' seasoned chops in hot skillet 3-4 minutes on each side in just a tiny bit of olive oil - when nice and seared, remove to piece of foil, throw 2-3 Tbsp wooster sauce in the hot pan to deglaze, when wooster reduces by half throw in a couple Tbsp raw butter, melt, pour sauce over the chops, close foil, into 375* preheated oven for only about 10 minutes to finish. plate & pour sauce in foil over the chops. easy peasy.

Joycee said...

Thanks so much, now mine will be Pork Chops ala Johnny!