Friday, July 24, 2009

Bread & Butter Japs

I put up a few quarts of bread & butter jalapenos today ~ added some serranos also, just for snits & giggles ... onions, lemon, fresh garlic, etc. in a sweetened brine. I always put a lil' tumeric in my bread & butter brined pickles, so that's why these have a yellow tint to them. Love these peppers with pizza, mexican food & bbq. Tomorrow, gonna put up a few quarts of homemade green chile sauce ~ for makin' green chile/pork stew this winter.

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Joycee said...

These are Blue Ribbon winners! My Aunt Joy was the pickle maker in our family and we all fought over her whole dills at reunions. She would make b&b pickles, lime pickles, pickled okra, chow-chows...just anything in the garden that needed to be picked!