Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cold Chicken Salad Plate

Homemade pickled beets, ice-cold watermelon, kaw-cajun caviar & chips, homemade ice water pickles, pepperoncini pepper, sliced homegrown tomatoes and homemade chicken salad in the middle. Everything on this plate was great, but my favorite thing was the pickled beets - outstanding.


Kristine said...

That looks muy delicioso!

I have been on a chicken salad marathon for about 2 weeks now... since its been so hot hot hot!

My 2 favorite variations so far is chicken salad with chunks of fresh piƱa in a coconut milk Thai curry dressing topped with toasted cashews, and a chicken succotash salad with creamy ranch dressing and crumbled bacon on top.

Hope you are staying cool in the shade, and catching lots of fish...

Chez said...

hay dere kristine ... how ya doin, cher? i cain't git too pumped about all dat foo-foo stuff you puts in yer chicken salad ~ but yer chicken succotash/bacon things sounds right up mah alley!! fair winds, beb.

kristine said...

I figgered you'd turn your nose up at the curry one... I am just not a big fan of plain ole mayo. I even but wasabi in the mayo I use for my tuna salad!

PS Your mac and cheese looks and sounds better than even Patty Labelle's!