Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chile Verde Meatloaf

Made a great meatloaf today, with fresh ground chuck & pork (4:1) and the meatloaf also has about 1 cup of homemade green chile sauce in it ... additionally, I made a glaze with more of the green chile sauce. Sided up with sliced tomatoes and cottage cheese.

The meatloaf with the green chile/brown sugar glaze baked on.

This is what the glaze looked like ~ about 1 cup of homemade green chile sauce and 1/4 cup brown sugar. Very good stuff.


Joycee said...

Whenever I think there's nothing new under the sun to cook, I come to your blog for inspiration! This meatloaf would be delish and I'd never thought of that green chili glaze, thanks!

Chez said...

a cold chile verde meatloaf sandwich with a couple big ol' slices of homegrown tomato on it ... there's your *happy place* right there, ah garrontee!