Friday, February 4, 2011

Makin' Homemade Sausage

My spice blend for making homemade Texas Hill Country Hot Links Sausage ~ made about 25# of it yesterday ... did it in 2 batches, and each of these bowls seasoned about a 12-13# batch. I use a 60/40 ratio pork butt to beef chuck roll for this sausage ~ stuffed in 28-32mm natural hog gut casings, each coil weighs about 2.5# ~ used good Penzeys spices. Made the sausage for a buddy of mine, who is catering a big Super Bowl party this weekend. We made a patty with the sausage left in the stuffer tube & fried it for a lil' QC taste test ... and it was excellent - just the right amount of heat.

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