Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Toy ~ CB500X Portable Grill

Made by Char-Broil ~ it's solid and very well built ... lil' bigger than I thought it would be also. Perfect size for those time when you just don't have enough meat to cook to warrent firing up a big grill. This lil' grill can be used for direct grilling, or indirect smoking. It's on sale now on the Char-Broil web site.

First up ... Baltimore-style pit beef.


cowgirl said...

I heard you got a new toy Chez... looks nice!
That would be handy for my camping trips. :)

Chez said...

perfect size for an ol' bachelor, cowgirl. for those times when i just wanna grill a steak or couple burgers, etc. it's bigger than it looks, though ~ will do 6 half chickens. i also bought a stainless steel cart to set it on ~ it's being delivered today.

Unknown said...

Great tool for a dinner for two! My wife and I love grilling. And this one would be fit enough to feed our tummy with our favorite grilled meat and veggies. My wife would definitely love this! ->Dominic Pablo