Thursday, June 30, 2011

BBQ Pigmeat Pistolettes

Scratch dough made with leftover cheesy jalapeno grits in the dough

Chopped leftover bbq pork, with some chopped up leftover succotash mixed in. This is the filling for the pistolettes

Filling on a piece of rolled out dough ~ fold over & seal edges, then onto buttered baking pan for second rise


Perry P. Perkins said...

Sweet lord in heaven, those look awesome!

I'm not too familiar succotash, but I know my way around a pork shoulder, and spicy cheese grits are a food group at my house!

I can't WAIT to try this, thanks for sharing!


"La Caja China Cooking"
"La Caja China World"

Chez said...

great way to use up some leftovers. it's just a spin on bierocks, or runzas, pirogis, etc. i'll post some more pics of them tomorrow - after they are baked. homemade hot pockets?

Chez said...

btw, i learned to make pistolettes when i was a working chef in louisiana ... made them with crawfish filling.