Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Here's The Rub

Fat Johnny's Kaw-Cajun BBQ Rub

Got a shipment of fresh spices from Penzeys, so I hauled off and mixed up a batch of bbq rub ~ 13 top secret herbs and spices ~ sweet heat

Ended up with just shy of 3 quarts of rub ~ that ought to get me thru the summer


Curtis Maybin said...

Great stuff. I should try this. I spend all summer making it each time i need it. I use the primo grill what do you use ?

Chez said...

i recently bought a charbroil cb500x - very nice little grill/smoker, so i've been using it a lot. i also have a weber kettle and a weber smokey mountain smoker. nothing fancy.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a recipe for this rub being posted, or is it really a secret?