Monday, June 27, 2011

The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle

Neil "Blue Spoons" Hughs, Yours Truely, Bruce "Willdog" Williams

This past weekend was the big bbq cookoff in Lenexa, KS ( a burb of KC ) and it brought back some good memories of when I dabbled in comp bbq back in the late 80s ... I was working as a professional chef in KC at the time, and had a couple of teams: Swine Of The Times and Habitual Hickory Hobos ... I didn't know spit about comp bbq cooking, but we sure had a lot of fun.


Mike said...

Great pics from great times. What's them thingies on your apron in the last shot?

Chez said...

those are buttons they gave to all the teams every year ... think they gave 4 buttons to every team. one button has the kcbs logo on it, and the other button has the lenexa bbq battle logo on it. i still have several of them.