Monday, April 30, 2012

Hot Off The Trunk Monkey

 Fresh ground sirloin steaks & grilled Vidalia onions. Chopped steaks made with top sirloin steak and seasoned with my house blend steak/burger seasoning ~ onions brushed with Annies roasted garlic evoo and seasoned with Hab Death Dust
 Grilled over hardwood charcoal w/Tabasco oak barrel chips
 Unyawn prep
The fresh ground sirloin, hand pattied


Woodworkin' & Good Eats said...

Connie and I are absolutely drooling at the sight of these burgers. Thanks for joining my blog. Yours is flat out cool and I'll be stopping by often. Next time you come by, check out my pig roast post. Happy Cooking!

Connie said...

Steve showed me your blog, and oh my gosh . . . I think we will be trying out your recipes. Mister you sure know how to cook. Well, now I'm a fan and follower, too. If you get a free minute or two come on over and check out my blog. My welcome mat is always out. Have a great week, and keep grilling, Connie :)