Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Roast Beef Ala Anglaise

 Choice grade rump roast, rubbed with evoo, seasoned with salt & pepper, then seared in a screamin' hot cast iron skillet
 After searing, schmeared with homemade anglaise sauce, racked up and into hot oven to roast
Roasted 475* for 20 minutes, mopped with a lil' more anglaise & roasted another 20 minutes @ 375* until target internal temp or 125* was reached ~ then tented/rested & into fridge overnight.  Will slice thin for sammage makins..


Nick said...

Chez, I googled anglaise and the results showed a vanill custard sauce. I have a rump roast in the freezer and I'd like to try what you did. Any idea where to find the type of sauce you used?

Thanks, Nick

Chez said...

there's 2 kinds of anglaise sauce ... the more common french dessert sauce *creme anglaise* ... and the lesser known english anglaise sauce used for a meat glaze. it's just equal parts mustard and brown sugar.

Nick said...

Thanks Chez