Monday, May 21, 2012

Smoked Chicken W/Alabama White Sauce


Nick said...


I love the yellow/golden color you get on your smoked chicken. If you are willing to share how you get that look I'd appreciate it.

Thanks, Nick

Chez said...

there are a number of contributing factors. it would take me an hour to type them all & explain fully. here's a few in a nutshell: chicken was rubbed with a good evoo, then seasoned with salt and pepper only. rubs have sugar in them and sugars tend to burn & turn dark when cooked. also a factor are wood types and proper fire temp & management. too much wood or wet/green wood = creosote = makes the meat black. lastly, type of lighting pics are shot under ... the pic you're referring to was not shot in natural light - so that makes the meat look a lil' different color than it actually was.