Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bacon Cheeseburger Chowda

Bacon/Cheeseburger Soup

This soup is thick & creamy, like a chowder in that it also has potatoes in it ... in this case, hand cut shoestring *fries*. Ya cain't have a cheeseburger without fries, can ya?

Additionally, I riffed a bit on the beer/cheese soup thang and added about a half can of beer to this soup ~ along with the whole milk & dat good Tillamook cheddar cheese.

I ground a couple KC Strip steaks to make the *burger* for this bacon cheeseburger soup ~ and the bacon was dat good Burger's Smokehouse bacon ... and yeah, gotta have some onion on yer cheeseburger, no?

Here's the mice in place, before I ground the steak ~ ol' cosmic plowboys can make chowda, too!


Rawtalent said...

Wooooboy! That looks bowl likkin' good! What happened to the other half can of beer?

Chez said...

frien, you know 'zackly what happened to the other half dat beer ~ and at 10 AM in the mornin', no less. lol

Big Dude said...

Now that's a bowl of stick to the ribs winter time soup

Chez said...

you'd love that soup, bigdude ... it's like eating a bowl of cheese gravy!! lol

Stacia said...

Hey, I wanted to thank you for mentioning Tillamook. I bought some sharp cheddar tonight, man that is good stuff!

Chez said...

been a tillamook cheese fan for years - price is right, too. another great cheese is maytag cheese - made in iowa. their blue cheese is outstanding, but their other cheeses are very good, too. i order directly from their web site - great company.