Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowbound Chili Dogs

Well, my driveway drifted shut a couple days ago (after a snowstorm) and I hadda do some freezer diving for provisions ~ came up with a pint of homemade chili and a package of good all-beef red hot dinner franks. Pantry scan turned up a can of Bavarian kraut ~ seems I had the makins for chili dogs. I would also point out that whenever I throw a package of hot dogs in the freezer ... I also freeze a package of hot dog BUNS. Why? Because my Mama din't raise no dang fool, dat's why.

Steamed dem red hots in a lil' beer, topped'em wit some dat thick & spicy chili, lotsa good shredded Tillamook cheddar, kraut and a schmear plain ol' yeller mustard. Now, if youse one them city-slickers you could gussie dat chili dog up nine ways to Sunday ... *drag thru the garden* wit yer sport peppers, tomatoes, pickle spears and I don't know whut all ... but dat ain't the way we roll our dogs, here on the nort shore da bayou, no.

The naked red hot, before gettin' dressed Fat Johnny style...
Irma Thomas ~ Let It Be Me

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