Monday, December 7, 2009

Frugal Pizza ~ Prep

OK ... I'm frugal to the point of obsession ~ so sue me. I don't throw NUTHIN' away ... that mindset has served me well for many years, and it's made me a much better cook. Anybody can run to the groceria and buy a bunch of expensive ingredients ... and follow a recipe. Me, I work with what my pantry gives me ... aka ... leftovers. This pizza is a good example: everything you see here is leftovers from the weekend - for to make a taco pizza for tonight's MNF game. The meat above is a coil of my homemade hot sausage that I smoked ~ had about a pound of it leftover, so I took it out of the casing & crumbled it up. It's a 60/40 pork to beef with lotsa good spices and homegrown serrano chiles in it ... thinkin' it might make a dandy taco pizza topping.

Everything here is pretty self-explanatory ~ all leftovers from cheese/veggie trays ... but the *pizza sauce* is unique in that I made it from some homemade black bean salsa that I put up last summer, using good homegrown tomatoes & fresh veggies from the garden. I just dumped it in the blender & buzzed it with a couple of smoked chipotles ... bing badda boom ... nice thick smoked chipotle/black bean taco pizza sauce. I'll be making the scratch pizza dough later this afternoon, and don'tcha know I got a couple handfuls broken/crushed lime flavored tortilla chips from the bottom of the bag ... gonna crush them real fine & add them to my taco pizza dough. LOL Did I mention that I don't throw anything away?? What can I say ... dat's how I roll. Rock Chalk!!

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