Monday, December 14, 2009

For Pleasure ~ Eat Me

This picture was one of my Dad's favorites. It hung on the wall in his office for many years, until Mama made him take it down when us kids got old enough to read and began questioning why Dad & all his friends laughed so hard every time they looked at it. That lil' snafu aside, it's a cool pic of Dad (on the right) with then Kansas Governor, Bill Avery. That's Bill in the middle (smoking the ciggie) ... I'm not sure what the occasion for this photo op was, but we have gotten a lot of laughs from this pic over the years ... and it now hangs on the wall in my office. Eat Meat.


Anonymous said...

I thought the was Avery when I looked at the picture. Thanks again John for sharing more of your family history.

Chez said...

kenny - dat you? yeah, dad got involved in politics back in the mid-60s and became friends with bill avery. avery was a frequent guest at our house, and he came to our farm several times every fall/winter to go quail hunting on our property. my dad was elected president of the kansas farm bureau, and i think this pic was taken at his *swearin' in* banquet. i bleeve the other guy in the pic is the outgoing prez, but i have no idea who he is - judging from his farmer tan, i got a pretty good idea what his vocation was, though. (g)

Mike said...

That's awesome!