Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stuffed 'Tater Overload

Big ol' fluffy 60 ct. Idaho Russet, scrubbed & rubbed with bacon fat ... then seasoned with fresh cracked black pepper & kosher salt ~ baked hot & nasty to the precise point of explosion. Yes Virginia, there is a right way to bake a potato.

Loaded with a knob of butter, fresh steamed broccoli and lotsa dat good Fanestil Party Time ham.

Smothered with homemade cheese sauce (beer reduction, cream, whole grain dijon, cheddar & parmesan) and topped with a lil' more Tillamook cheddar.

Us ol' country boys, we like our taters, yeh. Sure do.


Noel said...

That's it!!!! I am coming over for dinner :)
I look at your posts every morning at work and drool. UGH! Am hungry now and all I got here is toast, blah.

Big Dude said...

Is there a tater down in there somewhere? I think that is the most loaded I've ever seen one - and now I want one - great job as usual.