Friday, June 25, 2010

Catfish On My Line

Pump Boys & Dinettes ~ Catfish


Big Dude said...

That sure looks good and glad to see you back in the food porn business - I was about to send you a camera.

Chez said...

in the interest of full disclosure, those are pics i took of some feesh i caught & fried last summer. i did fry some fresh catfish a couple nights ago, but still don't have a camera - one my buddies is sending me a loaner until such time that i can purchase a new one.

Anonymous said...


Even if the pictures were taken last summer, they are timeless.

They still serve the purpose of making us mere mortals drool.


Unknown said...

Oh that does look good. Just wanted to drop by and see what you were cooking. As always, it makes me hungry. I'm surprised you're not on FoodTV by now!
Happy Twirls

Chez said...

howdy mzlibby ~ long time no see. hope all is well in yer neck of the woods.