Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Salads Salads Salads

Mais, the fresh produce is really starting to roll in now ... still about 3-4 days before my tomato man picks his first ripe homegrown tomatoes ~ but I scored a bunch of other locally grown veggies today, and am going to make several salads for the upcoming holiday weekend. Nothing fancy, just simple salads done well. First will be a garden fresh cucumber/vidalia onion/homegrown tomato salad ... then a cabbage cole slaw (for to top my bigassed grilled slawburgers) ... and also a cottage cheese/cuke/onion/green pepper/tomato salad that we always called *farmer's salad* ~ gonna grind some top sirloin tomorrow, for to make the burgers ... and will thaw out a coil of my homemade texas hill country jalapeno sausage. Summertime in the heartland ~ grillin' and chillin' baybee ... gotta love it.

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