Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fisherman's Prayer

Pump Boys & Dinettes ~ Fisherman's Prayer

I was lured by the moon to the coast of Carolina
I was hooked by the Crystal Motel
I flopped out onto the night fishing pier
Where I survived in a bucket of beer
Four dozen fishing poles rose and fell
In the swells where the bluefish and mackerel dwell
In the swells where the king mackerel dwells

Oh the lightning cracked open
The dark midnight ocean
And the wind raised hell with the lines
And the thunderstorm poured and drove us indoors
To the pinball and more Ballentines

And the wee hours passed, faces pressed to the glass
And some gave up and went on
But the faithful they stayed, and drank as they prayed
That in the morning the storm would be gone

Oh we drank as we prayed
And prayed as we drank
And the monsoon seemed nothing by then
And the deputies came to put two in the tank
And they floundered off into the wind

Now some folks out there spend their whole lives in prayer
Good Luck has to come from somewhere
We imbibed to the dregs on wobbly legs
And prayed this Fisherman's Prayer

Let us bow our heads

Give me the strength to get up at dawn
Help me get out of bed
Give me the vision to find my rod and reel
Show me the righteous way to my shoes
Pardon the path that I tread
Bless O Lord thy fish, my evening meal

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