Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cookin' Old School ~ Retro Salad

Celery & celery leaves, sweet pickles, green onions and Vidalia onions, slivered fresh garlic

Tossed with the kidney beans & seasonings ~ awaiting the boiled eggs & mayo

Kidney bean salad ~ prominent at every church supper & pot luck dinner since the invention of canned kidney beans. Seems nobody makes this old time salad anymore ... wonder why? What do the church ladies consider a *sexy* salad these days?? I shudder to think.


Big Dude said...

I haven't eaten or even thought about that dish in forever. As best I recall, I liked it and yours sure looks good.

Anonymous said...


Other than the main ingredients, what kind of seasonings were used in the salad? I'm sure that I have eaten some of that many years ago, but that was in the last century.

Looks good and the "old tried and true" is much better than many other things offered up now days. Your nostalgia cooking is so appealing!


Chez said...

seasonings: salt & pepper

Chez said...

bigdude, just think of it like potato salad, only made with kidney beans instead of potatoes. easy peasy.