Sunday, September 5, 2010

Breakfast Burrito Slopper

The slopper trilogy is now complete

I don't generally traffic in *recipes* ... but I've been swamped for this one, so here's the best I can do:

12 big jim hatch chiles
4 orange/red ripe serranos
1/2 onion, sliced thick
6-8 cloves garlic, peeled

throw everything in big bowl & toss with a lil' evoo, then turn out onto sheet pan & slide under broiler to char - turn & char other side ~ when both sides are charred, dump everything back into the big bowl & cover to steam. peel, seed all the chiles, then chop everything - including the onions & roasted garlic. set aside.


start dutch oven with 3-4 slices bacon, chopped ... render bacon ... remove bacon from pan, leaving the bacon grease. at this point i had a couple end pieces of a boneless pork loin that i cut up into small cubes, lightly floured & threw them into the pan with the bacon grease & browned them. remove the browned pork, leaving the bacon grease in the pan ... add some flour to the pan to make a bacon grease roux ... at this point i added about a quart of homemade brown chicken stock & brought to boil until the roux tightened it up, then added back the browned pork & about a 1/2 cup of some homemade roasted tomato/green chile salsa that i'd made, and also about 1 cup of canned diced roasted tomatoes - slow rolling boil until it's nice & smooth, then i added all the chopped roasted hatch chiles, serranos, onions & garlic ... simmer for a few minutes, then taste & add seasonings: salt, cracked black, adobo seasoning, cumin, oregano, etc. taste & correct seasonings ... turn heat off and add chopped cilantro. badda boom, done deal. smother something with it, and top with the bacon bits
The Grascals ~ Farther Along

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Big Dude said...

They all looked super good and I plan to try some soon - need to get to town and ge the chiles first.