Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Proper Slopper

A charbroiled brisket point cheesebooga, smothered with pork/green chile sauce & sided with sliced ripe homegrown tomatoes. A proper slopper, indeed. Wish I'd had some deep fried/cheese stuffed jalapenos to go with ... then I would have had a propper slopper with a popper. Perhaps I'll open a chain of proper slopper restaurants, eh ~ spokesperson could be Dennis Hopper ... or mebbe Mikey Teutul on a chopper. American Slopper? Music by Big Bopper? Cyndi Lauper???


Big Dude said...

Interesting you'd post this as I just watched a show on the travel channel about sloppers in Pueblo, Co

Chez said...

bigdude, i saw that show a couple nights ago ... looked so good i roasted chiles the next morning & made some pork/green chile sauce - been eating sloppers the past 2 days. gonna make some breakfast burritos in the morning, and smother the burritos in green chile sauce. lol

Anonymous said...

You had a dog slopper and now a cheeseburger slopper, so, next in line, is there a chicken slopper?