Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hill Toppers

Scratch buttermilk catheads topped with homemade American breakfast sausage patties

Smothered with sawmill gravy

Funny thing ~ I didn't even miss the eggs


Big Dude said...

I don't believe I'd miss them either - both the biscuits and the gravy look outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Sausage, biscuits and homemade gravy is definitely some of the best eating there is!

John, when you are making your sausage, what cut of meat do you prefer to use?

Chez said...

depends on what kinda sausage i'm making, ron ... when making breakfast sausage i use all pork, and use pork butts. if making hot links or andouille i'll mix some beef or venison with the pork 60/40 pork to beef, and use chuck for the beef. all cuts untrimmed ... lean sausage is not good eats.

Anonymous said...

I like your philosophy of grinding your own sausage. It provides you with so many more options and you definitely know what you're getting.

Thanks, John.

Chez said...

i buy pork butt when it goes on sale for $.99/lb & make sausage. last time i checked, a 12 oz roll of jimmy dean sausage was about $4 ~ you do the math. i'm frugal (cheap) ... that's my philosophy.

Anonymous said...

John, I would not call that being "cheap" at all. It is more of being an educated consumer, which many of us need to be. If more of us adopted those same traits, many in this country would not be in the position that they are in currently.

More power to you, my friend!