Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big Al's Butt Bomb

Think Frito Pie on steroids ~ Fritos Scoops smothered with Fat Bottom Mary's Moosehead Chili

Then topped with shredded cheddar, dollop of sour cream, diced onions & splashed wit a lil' hot sauce


KingT said...


Mary | Deep South Dish said...

And a side of Busch! :) Sounds like my kinda meal. (Bookmarked you from Big Dude Larry's place BTW - couldn't resist popping by with a name like Butt Bomb LOL!!)

Chez said...

hi mary ... my nephew alex aka big al is coming over for dinner tonight - he requested homemade chili ... i dubbed the name *big al's butt bomb* for him. lol

Anonymous said...

John, besides the family connection, I don't think we want to pursue how you arrived at the rest of the name, for the dish. :-)

The recipe sounds incredible, with a lot of flavor. Of course, what should we expect otherwise out of "Fat Johnny's" kitchen?