Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brats & Warm Creole Tater Salad

Warm bacon dressing for the tater salad ~ made with bacon, vinegar, sugar, dollop homemade creole mustard, fresh garlic & onions, etc

Sliced warm cooked taters with the warm dressing poured over ~ then tossed with some sliced hard boiled eggs

Brats, warm creole tater salad, homemade mustard, cheese toast, cold beer ... supper


Big Dude said...

What a meal.

Anonymous said...

That potato salad particularly looks good! The rest of the meal is not shabby either!

You are doing the month of October and German cuisine proud!

Stacia said...

Not sure if my previous comment went through, but I was saying that adding creole mustard to German hot potato salad looks DIVOON! Also, I'm jealous of your homemade mustard. There, I said it.

K3 Visa said...

Very nice.. I love to eat this dishes. Very nice recipe. Thanks for sharing.