Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Farmhouse Apple Pie

Made with half Granny Smith and half Golden Delicious apples, scratch dough and baked in an old antique glass pie dish that came down to me thru the family

Rustic looking

Hot out the oven
John Prine ~ Killing The Blues


Big Dude said...

Too often I've had them and the apples have become applesauce, but yours looks perfect - just what I'd expect from an ole country boy.

Chez said...

not all apples are created equal ~ some are better suited for pies, and others better suited for making applesauce. another trick is baking them pies hot & fast ... so the apples don't turn to mush. i baked this pie 425* for the first 20 minutes, then turned the oven down to 375* and went another 20 minutes. total baking time = 40 minutes. perfect. high heat also makes for flakier crust. if you use the wrong apples, and bake your pie @ 350* for an hour or longer ... you gonna have an applesauce pie. (g)