Friday, October 29, 2010

Roast Pork & Dirty Rice

Smothered in caramelized onion pan gravy

That right there is a plate full of cajun love, ah garrontee

Sliced roasted pork loin atop cajun dirty rice

Roasted, rested & sliced ~ melt in yer mouth tender


Anonymous said...

Now that would demand some real "serious close eating"!

Anonymous said...

Also, John, can you please relate how you did the gravy as far as the ingredients? It looks so good on that roast.


Chez said...

seasoned the roast with cajun seasonings, then seared it in my cast iron ... removed roast & added onions, green peppers, carrot & garlic to the pan ... set seared roast atop the veggies & poured about 1/2 can beer in the pan ... roasted until meat was 150* internal ... removed roast & dumped some beef stock, the rest of the beer and a splash of tomato juice to the roasted veggies, brought to boil & thickened with roux - seasoned with salt & pepper = cajun caramelized onion gravy.