Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big Fat Breakfast Burritos

Ham & eggs, green peppers & onions, cheddar & pepper jack ... and a lil' dabba Texas Pete

I know, y'all is thinking: "that ain't much of a Sunday breakfast ... Ol' Chez is slippin' bad" ... but Ima just saving room for some Cincinnati 5-Ways!!

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Anonymous said...

I never knew the joy of breakfast burritos until about November of 1988, when we moved down to Texas, from Wichita.

I went to a training session and the training group was having a fundraiser selling breakfast burritos and after trying them, I was a convert. I know that, at that time, they were not a popular breakfast item in Kansas. It was later that they started becoming a prominent menu item up there.

Anyway, it was the best dollar spent in a long time.