Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kaw-Cajun Chix Breasts A'La Fat Johnny

Chicken breasts, injected with my creole butter concoction, pepperoni under the skin, brushed with olive oil ~ ready for roasting

Roasted to 160* IT ~ sprinkled with a few red pepper flakes, oil cured gorgonzola stuffed olives and a drizzle EVOO

Napped with a pan sauce made with the chicken/pepperoni/injection drippings, cream, beer & a dollop my homemade Creole mustard

Sided with roasted taters & onions, sauce Romanoff (the pan sauce with sour cream, parmesan cheese & a lil' brown sugar added)


Big Dude said...

Looks like a great creation - I'm always impressed you can do that.

Anonymous said...

John, in all of your experience over the years, what would you say has been the most beneficial in your development as a chef? Is there any one job experience that you had that you can point to that has helped you become the creative person that you are in a kitchen?