Friday, April 1, 2011

Cookin' Donkey

Mais ... last week at our weekly horseshoe pitching meetin' I had a frien who asked me if I could cook donkey. He 'splained to me that he had been given a donkey and he put it in his field to mingle with the herd of cattle that he owned. Mah frien said that donkey had harrassed the cattle and had killed a newborn calf. This left him with no choice but to put the donkey down, so he did so in a humane manner.

So my buddy asked me, "Yo Chez, do you think you could cook donkey? How would you do it?"

I thought about it and this was my reply. "I would filet out the backstrap, inject it with that marinade I use for venison, apply that same venison rub and cook it on the smoker until it hit 145 degrees. Then I would cover the roast in raw onions, Texas 1015 onions."

My buddy asked why the raw onions. I replied, "So you could say that you had a piece of ass that was so good it made your eyes water!"





Credit to mah buddy, Juggy D. Beerman, for sendin' me dat joke.

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