Thursday, April 21, 2011

Steen's French Toast

French toast made with homemade oatmeal/molasses bread. I call it Steen's French Toast on account it's got dat good Steen's molasses IN it, and it's got dat good Steen's cane syrup ON it.

Served up with some scrambled eggs and Burgers Smokehouse bacon

Sunday breakfast on da bayou


anthony stemke said...

Man oh man, I love that Steen's. Used to work offshore back in the 1960s and guys would always leave room to finish their meals (lunch and supper too) with Steen's on biscuits

Chez said...

steens molasses on a hot cathead biscuit - don't git much more old-school than that!

Marguerite said...

Since I grew up a few blocks away from the Steen's syrup mill in Abbeville, I have a soft spot in my heart for this syrup. Your culinary creations are all fab and always a delight to drool over!

Chez said...

thanks cher. i lived and worked in nola for a few years, back in the day. one of the highlights of my career was working with chef jamie shannon.