Friday, April 15, 2011

Fire In The Hole ~ Pigmeat & Taters

Baked taters cooked on the trunk monkey, then cut into wedges & brushed with olive oil and seasoned with my house blend cajun seasoning ... now they're ready for a quick pass thru a hot oven to reheat ala minute.

Pork loin roast, marinated overnight in sour orange then smoked over peachwood to about 160* internal ... then set over the holy trinity, lidded and baked low/slow to tender perfection. Made a killer gravy with the pan debris, yeh.

Also made some traditional bbq pork chops while I had the trunk monkey fired up. These were marinated overnight in a chimichurri marinade then seasoned with Dixie Dust and sauced with Stubbs Original. Love dat charred pork fat around the edges them chops.

Trunk monkey, loaded up and smokin' wit peach wood.

Peachwood smoked boneless pork loin roast, plated & sauced wit dat good kaw-cajun pan gravy.

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